20 Songs to play on your first date

Movies with date scenes usually have a song in the background that gives us a clue as to how it’s going. If it’s Beiber crooning, maybe it’s going great. If they play Sade’s Smooth Operator playing, maybe not so great. Either way, here are 20 songs that capture the butterflies you feel during a first date. 

  • La Vie En Rose by Édith Piaf

This French song speaks about the timeless themes of love, resilience, and romance. It has been covered many time times by many artists over the years. This song is about finding love after challenging times, so if this is your first date in some time, then let this song lift your mood. 

  • In Another Life by Ashlee Simpson

When you connect with someone, it feels like fate has had you meet in some other life and Simpson’s song about knowing their current lover in the past. Also, the cheerful rock chorus is fun to dance along to.

  • Sparks by Hilary Duff

This one is for putting on when you’re getting ready. The infectious beat and the whistling chorus can pump the adrenaline up and make you feel more confident about your date.

  • Do You Have A Moment by Suho And Jane Jang

From the land of K-pop comes this soft, demure song about meeting over coffee and trying to gauge each other—like anyone would on a first date! 

  • Can’t Help Falling In Love With You by Elvis Presley

A classic for the ages and beyond—Presley’s song is all about love at first sight and it doesn’t get old. If the first date leads to something, this is the soundtrack you need. 

  • Lucky Strike by Troye Sivan

You meet for the first time and this urge to know more is intoxicating on the first date, and Sivan perfectly captures this nervous energy tinged with eagerness. 

  • Magnetic Moon by Tiffany Young

This pop song is all about instantaneous attraction. It’s like you’re two magnets finally falling into place. 

  • Over The Moon by The Marias

In contrast to the previous song, this one is more for the on-cloud-9 sensation you have after the end of a very successful date. 

  • Into You by Ariana Grande

First dates are about how the attraction works and where it would lead to, so this Grande classic is just right for those moments.

  • Shy by AISHA

This peppy summer Japanese song perfectly encapsulates the walking-on-a-cloud feelings during a first date.

  • Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Nothing screams infatuation quite like this song. When you fall, your date is perfect in every way. Imagine dancing together to this for the first time and we know you’re blushing!

  • Hold Me Down by Kris Wu

This song has a more hopeful tone, quite like the hope you feel when you go on the first date. 

  • Beautiful by Bazzi Feat. Camila Cabello

Bazzi and Camila gave us the first date song of the year in 2018 and we’re still not over it.

  • Fancy by Twice

This K-pop song is all about figuring out if the one you fancy, fancies you too, and how apt is that for a first date? 

  • Valentine by 5SOS

Pop-rock kings 5SOS gave us among the best date songs. 5SOS just wants to take you out, no matter where it is. The perfect song for a long romantic drive!

  • Summer Skin by Parekh & Singh

This song is about finding love after a long winter of heartbreak and this dream-pop duo will lift your spirits right up.

  • Amusement Park by Lay Zhang

If you think you’re on a rollercoaster ride that only goes up, Zhang has this song for you. He sounds enamoured with his date and lovingly compares her to an amusement park.

  • Vintage by Allie X

“Every kiss is timeless”—if like Allie, you too have the same thoughts during that first date kiss, we think this earworm won’t leave your head for a long time. The peppy dance beats ensure your heart beats with it.  

  • Beautiful Dream by George Ezra

Ezra’s deep voice crooning about finding something better than heaven is the song you need when you think your date is a beautiful dream and you may never want this to end. 

  • Be My Baby by Ariana Grande

Another Grande banger, this time with specific instructions. If you know you want this date to go on, then there are some rules to follow if you want them to be your “baby.” Flirtatious and fun, this one will keep your spirits high even when the night ends. 

So, if your first date had a soundtrack like a montage in some movie, which of these songs would you choose?

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