10 Best Tinder Anthem to Find Your Soulmate

People often put song lyrics in their bios and sometimes. The song you choose can be quite the dealbreaker. If you have Lil Wayne’s Lollipop in your bio, don’t be surprised if no one’s swiping for you. We have discussed the bad ones, now let us look at some of the good ones you can use in your bio instead. Here are some song lyrics that just might get you that first date and lead you to find your soulmate.

  • Love on the Brain (2016) by Rihanna

A classic forever. This soul and RnB-inspired song has been somewhat of a staple across every love song playlist and rightly so! Though the lyrics talk about toxic love and the highs and lows she suffers from it, the song is still poetic and the doo-wop sound just gets you moving. 

  • Easy (2019) by Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is having quite the year and leading the pop renaissance for this era of digital music. This song is a heartfelt tribute to someone who sees right through her and reads her easily. 

  • There You Are (2018) by ZAYN

This song is an intimate dedication to someone in Zayn Malik’s life who has been there and stood by him through all the hard times when no one else did. This song is trademark Malik with the musical style and the heavy beats accompanied by guitar, effectively tugging at your heart.  

  • Lucky (2008) by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat

This swaying, sweet duet is like butterflies in your stomach but through music. Jason and Colbie come together to write a song about two best friends falling in love and the lyrics are saccharine yet tugs at your heartstrings like no other. The lines “Every time we say goodbye, I wish we had one more kiss” is sure to play in your head at the end of a great date.

  • Ruin My Life (2018) by Zara Larsson

This was the dreamy pop anthem of 2018. The Swedish songstress gives us energy, style, and some honestly as she sings “I want you to ruin my life”. While it is more of a breakup song, and haven’t we all experienced some form of destructive love once in our life? The beats are sure to make you dance while you get ready for your next date.

  • We All Fall In Love Sometimes (2018) by Coldplay

“But when it comes, we all fall in love sometimes”—when you hear these lines, you feel like your soul just reached clouds and is among the stars. Originally sung by Elton James in 1975, this song was sung by Coldplay for John’s Grammy Salute, and perhaps this reimagined version with its soft piano keys and sharp orchestra is the sweeter, gentler version. A song to dance on an empty street with your date! 

  • OMG (2019) by Gryffin feat. Carly Rae Jepsen

This song starts with the lyrics “No chemical can recreate our chemistry” and you just know this song is the song for falling and feeling crazy while you do so. This song is a sweet, gentle love song, and it never hits you in your head like so many other EDM songs do. Instead, OMG is fluid and vibrant, created around simple tropical-house beats and glittering guitar sounds. 

  • Missing You (2019) by Steve James feat. Eric Nam

Songwriter Steve James paired up with K-pop’s leading pop singer Eric Nam in this song about missing your significant other. This song blends instrumental rhythm with amazing vocals from Nam. Hitting a club with your date while this pleasant EDM track plays might be just the kind of evening you need. 

  • Same Page (2019) by Vincent & Yetep feat. Brooke Daye

This one is a catchy ballad tinged with melancholy. The chorus—sung by Brooke Daye—is wanting your lover and you to live in the moment and to not think what the future holds. This song also says that sometimes being together is not just about how enduring the relationship is but more about soaking the many sensations and feelings a relationship brings.   

  • Roses (2019) by GASHI

Smooth, sensuous rap songs are the new love ballads of this era and GASHI releases this song, aptly talking about the hook-up culture while he catches feelings. And he catches them hard with lyrics like “Cause I got you all in my head, that’s where you live”. Sums up the contemporary dating scene quite nicely and bonus points when you choose this song, especially if your date too doesn’t like “roses.”

Finding the right one is a journey and sometimes songs can bring together people in the most unexpected of ways. A connection over a favorite song is priceless. So the next time you decide to put a song in your bio, give these songs a listen. You might find a new favorite, which just might have you meet the one!

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